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Welcome to the UniPrint Training Portal

Here you will find 5 modules to get you fully trained in UniPrint Infinity. Complete all 5 to become fully UniPrint certified:

Module 1

Will look at the core components of UniPrint Infinity V9.1.1 and how to install and configure them.  It will also cover two UniPrint Infinity features; PrintPAL which is used to manage user session printers and Print Profiles which allows administrators to make vendor specific printer features such as stapling available from the UniPrint universal printer driver.

Module 2

Module 2 will focus on the features included in UniPrint Infinity V9.1.1 and how to install and configure them for a standard deployment. This will include:

Module 3

This module will cover advanced setup and configuration for Infinity V9.1.1. We will look at security and deployment considerations for large enterprise environments including software maintenance and backups.

Module 4

This module will cover Designing and Implementing a UniPrint Infinity solution. We will look at:

Module 5

*** NEW *** Available to level 4 users who have completed all the previous UniPrint Infinity V9.1.1 modules. Module 5 covers Infinity v9 focusing on:


At the end of each module you will be able to take an online exam consisting of 20 questions. A pass mark of 80% will be required to proceed to the next module and and you will be allowed three attempts to pass each module. Contact us to request additional attempts.

Once a module is passed you can generate a certificate and a record of your pass will be created for others to validate your pass.  Certificates are valid for 3 years.

We'll start by creating you an Account or logon using an existing account here.

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Contact information: [email protected].

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